Hidden Kaleidoscope

The aim of the Hidden Kaleidoscope exhibition was to showcase original Saudi, vintage bridal pieces alongside some contemporary bridal dresses by non-Saudi fashion designers who had been inspired by the styles of the Kingdom’s heritage fashion. The variety of looks showed how fashion designers such as Jean-Louis Scherrer, Christian Lacroix and Lecoanet Hemant all drew on the rich designs of Saudi heritage fashion to create unique bridal gowns for the modern-day woman. The project was led by Her Highness Princess Noura int Faisal Al Saud, in her then role as Advisor to the Ministry of Culture, and produced in partnership with the Art of Heritage team, who own and curated the collection. Hidden Kaleidoscope was the first exhibition of its kind in the Kingdom and was well received by the public and press. This success is now paving the way for further exhibitions of Saudi fashion, both heritage and contemporary, that will be led by the Fashion Commission.